Woman Sends Her Ex’s Teenage Son Naked Pictures To Get Revenge, Gets Arrested Instead


Nudes are tricky business. The only thing harder than finding an angle that makes you look like you didn’t lie about your weight on your driver’s license is ensuring that the dude on the receiving end is the only person who sees them. You don’t want those babies circling around a classroom, or a fraternity house, or an over-crowded GroupMe. And you definitely don’t want them winding up in the hands of your recipient’s family, much less his 17-year-old son. Unless you’re this woman, that is.

Basically, the whole thing started with a domestic situation with her and her now ex-boyfriend. They’d split up. There was some arguing going back and forth, and both were kind of alleging some harassment. It was pretty obvious to us that, I don’t think, she didn’t think it through. I think it was, you know, an emotional, knee-jerk reaction on her part.

Rookie mistake. If a guy is pass out to distribute your nudes, you don’t do it yourself in order to undermine him. Honestly, these adults need to quit fucking around with technology, because they really have no idea what they’re doing. Leave the life-ruining nude distribution to the kiddos.

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