Woman Tragically Throws Herself From Rooftop Bar, People Keep Partying Anyway

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There are a lot of ways to kill a party. Projectile vomiting, excessive PDA, and cat fights are just a few ways to successfully harsh the buzz of the entire bar. No one likes a scene when they’re trying to drink themselves into oblivion and boink a stranger.

A 30-year-old New York woman jumped from a 20-story rooftop bar to her death Monday night. This is truly terrible, as it is always tragic when someone chooses to end their life. What is truly baffling in this scenario, however, is that the assholes that were partying in said bar decided to shrug off the incident and keep partying, because New York is apparently jam-packed with some batshit crazy motherfuckers.

May I just say, what the actual fuck? I feel like I’ve been to my fair share of parties, and it is because of this that I can confidently say that this type of event would probably put a pretty significant damper on my evening. I’m harsh enough to admit that I wouldn’t go so far as to mourn the death of a complete stranger, but I would definitely stop drinking, at least. It’s the decent thing to do…right?

A witness recounted the following.

“There was a big corporate party up there and she kind of ran through them [the partygoers] and jumped.”

“They closed off the section where she jumped from. I think a lot of the people up there had zero clue what was going on.”

I fucking hope not, you cold-hearted bastards.

[via New York Post]

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