WSU Sororities Attempt To Ban Yik Yak For Members

No More Yik Yak

Even though we’ve all been warned about the dangers of Yik Yak, it seems as if the app has grown more popular than ever. We love to hate it. In the same breath that we say, “it’s so awful–people use it to talk shit,” we whip out our phones to check the latest gossip. Maybe we do it out of fear that someone is talking about us, or perhaps we check in because we secretly love the drama of it all. Whatever the reason, Washington State University’s Panhellenic council is finally tired of it.

The council held an opinion poll on the app at a biweekly meeting with representatives from each chapter after receiving an email from a concerned member of the sorority community. The poll resulted in the delegates choosing to “educate [their] members about the toxicity of this increasingly popular app,” said Panhellenic Council President Madi Phillips. The council has decided to discourage members from using the app altogether. Since the decision, the council has started a social media campaign on Twitter and Instagram, “#ReleaseTheYak,” encouraging people to get rid of the app. Members of the community are jumping at the chance to rid their community of it.

I’m proud of the WSU community. Hopefully, more people will realize that the app isn’t worth the trouble it causes and follow suit. Maybe this is what it takes to stop the app from becoming any worse than it already is. Maybe this will finally make users realize that they need to be careful about what they say, even if they decide to keep the app. Or maybe all the nice people will stop using it, so that the people left can sit there and hate on everyone until they get sick of it and eventually stop using it, too. Either way, it’s just not worth it anymore, so I’m begging you: release the yak. Let it go and find a more positive outlet for your angst. Please.

[via Daily Evergreen]

Image via Tech Crunch

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