Y’all Really Out Here Tryna Tell Me You Can Tell Blondes Apart?


Everyone knows there’s a war between blondes and brunettes and that blondes are winning. I can say this because my hair is as dark brown as it can get before people start saying it’s black. Everyone a little bit wants to be blonde. Even if they prefer dark hair. Even if their boyfriend prefers dark hair. It’s just how it is.

I went blonde for something like two years. It didn’t look amazing, and frankly, I just did it for attention. I wanted to be blonde for the statement, which after much consideration I’ve decided is “I’m so hot, because my hair essentially makes my face invisible.”

You see, for a long time, I’ve thought that blonde hair is basically like a mask that makes you look hot no matter what. Take a hot blonde, and dye her hair, you’ll finally see what her face actually looks like. You won’t be distracted by her golden locks. The blonde mask theory is only further proven by the fact that all hot blondes look exactly the same. And that’s not racist. I literally can not tell them apart if I meet a group of blondes all at once.

The prime example is the Victoria’s Secret angels. I like models a lot. I have completely quit on following bloggers on Instagram, because models are prettier and more glamorous and have better style. But don’t sit here and try to tell me that if you get Stella Maxwell, Romee Strijd, Martha Hunt, Josephine Skriver, and Elsa Hosk into a room that you could confidently identify which one is which. When any of these women pop into my Instagram feed, I try to quiz myself to see if I can figure it out, and I’m only right, like, half the time. And I’ve been playing this game awhile.

I mean…

Two hot blondes.


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Two different hot blondes? Or the same hot blondes?

New Dream Angels Collection Launch 😻 @romeestrijd @victoriassecret

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Okay, I know I’ve just seen a lot of Stella Maxwell, but is she in a mirror? Or does she have one friend who looks exactly like her?

Double trouble 😇😇

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thank you beauty mamas @daniellepriano & @cgonzalezbeauty ❤️😘

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Are these three different women or are they all Martha Hunt?

Is this Martha Hunt again? What is happening?


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I’m sorry, but who the fuck?


Maybe this is a bit of jealousy. Maybe I’m just trying to tear down the enemy. But I can’t help that I think every blonde looks exactly the same. And I really have trouble believing you if you say otherwise. Fight me.

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Veronica Ruckh

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