You Absolutely Need This Pizza Pouch That Holds An Emergency Slice Of Pizza Around Your Neck


Pizza is America’s favorite food. Some would disagree with me and say America’s favorite food is hot dogs, but in the choice between a lukewarm hot dog and a slice of pizza, who in their right mind would choose a hot dog? No one. That’s who.

There’s a new revolutionary invention out there for all you pizza freaks. It’s basically a fanny pack, but it goes around your neck and holds your extra slice of pizza, so you can eat the one in your hand while knowing that you have a backup slice hanging between your boobs. It’s a hands-free pizza purse, and it’s available for purchase here. The pizza pouch reduces pizza anxiety, so it’s really a medical necessity as much as it is a fashion statement.

It’s a stupid idea. Everyone knows it’s a stupid idea. But it’s only $8 and it’s one of those gag gifts that are dumb, but also practical, like a vibrator or a Snuggie.

The ONLY downside to this otherwise perfect pizza pouch would be that it looks a little too small to hold an oversized pizza slice, like a New York style pizza. Sure, it could probably fit your average Papa John’s pizza slice, but what about the pizza with a little meat on its bones cheese?

This is a step in the right direction, but we still have a long way to go before we have pizza pouch equality.

[via First We Feast]

Image via Stupidiotic

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