You Actually Might Want To Buy These New Ugg Boots


Like most of the people on this planet, I am aware of the fact that Ugg boots are not stylish. They make your feet look like burritos, and while I love a good burrito, that’s not exactly a fashion statement I like to make. That being said, I have a tendency to be one of those people who know something is so, so wrong and do it anyway, because I still own three pairs of Uggs. And one of them is pink. Yeah, I know, you already hate me, but I sort of hate myself for that too, so we’re even.

Uggs, despite their resemblance to huge hamsters you wear on your feet, are fucking comfortable. That sheepskin lining on your toes is pure heaven, and there’s no better shoe to wear during a hangover or during a good walk of shame fame if you happen to have them on you. Something about the warmth and softness of the shoe just makes me feel like everything is going to be okay. They’re also great for summer nights by a campfire, real or just the electric one in your living room. Also, because they’re so cozy, they’re perfect for wearing during winter, as long as you don’t set foot outside your front door.

The terrible contradiction of Ugg boots is that they’re made to keep your feet warm, but if you wear them in actual winter weather, AKA snow or rain, they’re likely to get totally soaked through and potentially ruined. Also, if you’ve ever been late to class in winter while wearing these babies, you know there’s a really good chance you’ll slip and fall on your ass right as you finally make it in the door because the tread leaves a lot to be desired.

Well, Ugg heard our prayers, or maybe curses: in the launch of the new collection, which begins today, Ugg has announced a few changes that will make the boot way easier to wear in winter weather. The shoes themselves have been made to be way more water resistant, and the tread on the soles has been updated as well for better stability. Hallejuah for not having soaking wet feet all winter. Or, if you’re the surfing type who actually prefers to wear these after an early morning session on the waves, you can be grateful for the extra resistance to salt water too.

But, everything comes with a catch, and this one is that the boots also come with a price increase of $10 to support the new updates. Hey, if it will make it so I can unashamedly wear these all winter, I totally consider the price jump worth it. They still might not be stylish, but they are damn irresistible. Brb. Already sending in my order for a new classic short.

[via Racked]

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