You Can Now Actually Get Drunk Off Of Rosé-Infused Chocolate Bars

Rose chocolate

Earlier this summer, we’ve seen an amazing new variety of ways to consume your favorite alcohol. From gummy bears to edible bubbles, I truly thought we’d seen it all. That is, until now. Your new favorite way to consume wine this summer won’t be straight from the glass (or bottle, no judgment), but in the form of a perfect pink rosé chocolate bar that will give everyone you know serious Instagram envy.

Thanks to candy manufacturer Compartes Chocolatier, your Instagram goals will soon be reality. How will it taste? Delicious, I’m sure, but honestly, who cares? Add some fresh flowers, a coffee mug, and a trendy crop top, and you’re almost guaranteed triple-digit likes.

You may prefer your rosé in liquid form, which is totally fine. But don’t worry, because Compartes still has you covered for all of your chocolate needs. Whether you’re craving cereal, doughnuts and coffee, or matcha, there’s a chocolate bar for you that’s almost too trendy to eat. Almost.

Making MATCHA GREEN TEA CHOCOLATE BARS! Tag someone you want to EAT one with! 🍃🍃🍃✨✨ {at now}

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Who knew eating junk food could be so trendy?

[via Elite Daily]

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