You Can Now Become Famous Thanks To The TSM App – You’re Welcome


You know that feeling when you post something really awesome and you’re immediately bombarded with “likes”? You try to act modest, but suddenly you’ve become the hair flip emoji girl because, uh, hello? You’re freaking popular.

It’s a very similar feeling when you submit something to Total Sorority Move, except it’s a million times better. If you’ve ever had something published on our site, you know that it just might be better than an orgasm. JK, it’s totally better. Trust me, there’s a reason why I made this whole thing my career. You’re minding your business and going about your life, when all of a sudden, you do, see, or experience something and you’re just like, “That’s a TSM.” So you get your shit together and send it in. Then, like a gift from the sorority gods, you receive an email saying that your submission has been published by a company that has more than 1.5 million cumulative Twitter followers. When all of this sinks in and you see something YOU made reel in hundreds (if not thousands) of “likes,” you’re just like, “Oh, okay. I’m famous.”

Yeah. It feels that good.

So why the hell haven’t you become TSM famous yet? Maybe you’ve been deterred from submitting something because you’re afraid it’s not funny, that you’ll get in trouble, or because you never go on your computer anymore because it’s 2015 and we have iPhones that do literally everything.

Well, we got you.

We took it upon ourselves to make TSM totally accessible, submittable, and fabulous. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, get off of Tinder for, like, five seconds, go to the app store, and type in “Total Sorority Move.” You’ll find us. We’re pink, we’re hilarious, and we want you to sit with us.

Once you’ve successfully installed the best app in the history of apps to your phone, you’ll basically be fending off autographs. With our new update, you can submit one-liners and photos to the site from your handheld device. You know those hilarious tweets that you can’t stop favoriting and the adorable pictures you see on our website? Those have all been sent in by people just like you — except now those people are busy sorting through their movie deals and hanging out with celebrities (names cannot be revealed to protect the fabulous). And you’ll the first one to know everything about everyone since we’ve added the ability to receive notifications about breaking news and top stories, because we care. I mean, that’s why our app is so cool. It’s full of secrets. The best part? It’s free, because we get it. It’s the best way to read TSM because we always have your back. No matter the situation, we’re always there to give you a reason to avoid eye contact and read some hilarious stories about life, sexual liberty, and the pursuit of Chipotle.

You can literally submit the “TSM” that just happened, with your drink in hand and your buzz still going. So long to overthinking about if it will be funny (trust us, it will be funny) or if you’ll get sent to standards, and say hello to being a TSM star. As we all know, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Besides, if you knew the stuff your standards chair has submitted to us, you’d stop hesitating and start shotgunning.

So what the eff are you still doing here? Download the app for the iPhone and Android and start submitting stuff to us, like, yesterday. The only thing better than reading Total Sorority Move on the app is reading something that you submitted from the app on Total Sorority Move. #TSM

Download the iOS app here.
Download the Android app here

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Rachel Varina

(yeahokaywhat) Aspiring to be the next Tina Fey, Rachel spends her free time doing nothing to reach that goal. While judging people based on how they use "they're" vs. "there" on social media, she likes eating buffalo chicken dip, watching other people's Netflix, and wearing sweatpants way more than is socially acceptable.

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