You Can Now Get Married In Front Of Cinderella’s Castle In Disney World Like A Real-Life Princess


Every little girl dresses up like Cinderella. If you were like me, then you asked for glass slippers and had a meltdown when your parents couldn’t find any made of actual glass for a little girl’s feet. We put tulle on our heads for veils, and we wrap ourselves in our mom’s white fluffy towels and pretend it’s a dress. Then, sadly, we grow up. But we still dream of the day that we get to have that final, end-all be-all dress up day: our wedding day, AKA the most important day of your life.

There are a million different styles and sentiments brides choose on their wedding day: classic or elegant, simple and sweet, modern — the list is endless. Everyone has a different vision, except in one particular aspect. Every bride wants to feel like a princess on her big day. Even if your dress isn’t the poofy ball gown of Cinderella, because you’re really more of a sparkly mermaid kind of girl, every girl wants to feel like royalty on her wedding day. And now, you can. Like, you really can.

Disney World has officially opened the opportunity for couples to get married in the very heart of the park, a previously impossible request. (Disney World has hosted weddings for years, but never at this kind of location.) The East Plaza Garden has a gorgeous, clear view of Cinderella’s castle and is located at the end of the park’s Main Street, and now, you can get married there, although you should expect to shell out a paycheck to match your day’s extravagance—prices start around $75,000 for this type of venue with a custom ceremony. Sorry, Dad.

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Should you choose — and really, why you wouldn’t choose to is beyond me — you can also arrive at your special day in Cinderella’s coach. Getting married at this sort of magical venue just begs for a bride wearing a tiara, so if you were trying to figure out a way to make that accessory work, this is your big chance. It’s the ultimate opportunity to be Cinderella for a day, and if a dream is a wish your heart makes, then this is what this princess is wishing for.

Now all I need is for someone to slip that glass slipper on my foot, or better yet, a diamond on my finger.

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