You Can Now Have Alcohol Delivered To Your Door In Under An Hour With Amazon

You Can Now Have Alcohol Delivered To Your Door In An Hour With Amazon

People keep inventing things that make never leaving my house even easier. First there was Netflix, then there was Seamless, or Favor, or Postmates, or whatever food delivery service is in my area, and now booze delivery. That’s it, get me some cats and a nice fluffy robe with some slippers because I am never stepping foot outside again. There’s no need. Netflix, food, and alcohol is all I need to survive.

Starting today, Amazon Prime Now will bring anything your heart could desire, including booze, within two hours for free. No driving or walking. No putting on real clothes. If you don’t want to wait and you’re willing to shell out $7.99 for extra fast delivery, you can get it in under an hour.

If you aren’t a complete degenerate like me and need things besides alcohol delivered to your doorstep in a short amount of time, Amazon Prime Now will deliver other items like milk or paper towels. But the alcohol delivery is what’s revolutionary, here. Ever finish a bottle of wine and realize you aren’t drunk-call-your-ex-while-crying drunk yet? Get a fresh bottle delivered to your door fast. Ever been invited to a pregame where the hosts insist on BYOB but you don’t have time to make a liquor store run? Amazon Prime Now that shit to their door and I guarantee you’ll be the hit of the party.

For now, Amazon Prime Now is only available in Seattle from 8am to midnight seven days a week. “Like with any product offering, we will evaluate customer response and if customers love the convenience of having alcohol delivered in under an hour right to their doors then we’ll look to expand the offering,” said an Amazon spokesperson to BuzzFeed News.

I have no doubt that this is going to be a massive success, because people are inherently lazy, and given the opportunity, willing to pay a small fee to avoid doing anything that requires even a minimal amount of effort.

[via Buzzfeed News]

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