You Could Be the Lucky Owner of Zac Efron’s Jockstrap For The Low Price Of $60

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Contrary to what you swore to your Dad, it’s no secret that Zac Efron was the real reason you went to see the movie Dirty Grandpa. Although Robert DiNero had some laugh-until-you-low-key-piss-your-pants one-liners, it was Zac Efron’s 98 percent naked body that ultimately made that movie.

If you were sober enough to remember the actual plot of the movie, you might recall that at one part, only a hornet jockstrap lay between your eyes and the remaining two percent (and TBH that’s probably an understatement) of Zac’s glorious bod. Here’s a refresher gif in case you need it.



If you are as big of a Zac fan as I am and would like to have the opportunity to basically be up close and personal with an item in which Zac’s beef was up close and personal, today is your lucky day. According to Cosmopolitan, Prop Store is now auctioning off Zac Efron’s hornet jockstrap from Dirty Grandpa, and as of now, the highest bid is only $60.

To put that in perspective: that’s only about ten Starbucks runs you have to give up to own a piece of “clothing” that touched Zac’s “area.” If you ask me that’s definitely worth it.

Let the bidding begin.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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