You HAVE To See These Weird New Snapchat Filters That Are Making People Puke Rainbows


Snapchat just unleashed something huge. They had basic filters: the one that made you look tan, the one that made you look blue, and simple black and white. With this new update, they rolled out something new altogether. Instead of adding more filters, which would’ve been just fine, Snapchat went way, way overboard and added what they’re calling Lenses. And they’re weird as fuck.

Take a look.

SO. STRANGE. Did Lady Gaga come up with these lens ideas? Don’t get me wrong, they’re incredibly interactive and intuitive to your facial features, but I didn’t think they would use this cool technology to make a puking rainbow.

There’s a total of seven Lenses in all, and you can activate them by first updating your Snapchat and then pressing on your face. Once you press and hold, the Lenses will appear and you can play with them before deciding to take a picture or video. All the lenses move and change, so they all work well with video. As far as I know, they only work on the front facing camera, but that might change. The update is oddly entertaining, but still creepy.

Snapchat also introduced an option where you can pay to replay snaps. Normally, you can only replay one snap per day, but if you pay $.99 you can replay three, and it goes up from there. But the important thing about this update is the weird Lenses thing. You’ll be grossed out, scared, and intrigued all at once.

Go forth and snap.

[via Snapchat]

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Cristina Montemayor

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