You Need To Get Your Nipples Pierced Like, Now


I have tiny boobs. When I was in middle school, I would cry to my mom because I wasn’t developing like the rest of the girls in my grade. She would tell me that I was a late bloomer and that they would grow in soon, but that never happened. I would always compare my flat as a board body to other girls’ curvy bodies and would feel insecure. I eventually came to accept my body for what it was. Although I never loved my tiny boobs, I came to terms with them.

Luckily for me, small boobs are cool right now. Girls are more confident than ever to show off their small chests in their halter tops and body suits. The “free the nipple” movement is in full swing, and I fully embrace it. In years past, I was never confident enough to go braless, in fear that I would be judged by my small boobs, but I have since thrown my bras out the window (figuratively of course. I’ve spend good money on those Victoria’s Secret bras). I am now ballsy enough to go out in public sans-bra. Why have I suddenly gained this confidence? I owe much of it to my nipple piercing.

Two years ago, I decided that getting my nipple pierced would be the cool thing to do. A few friends had gotten theirs pierced, and I loved the way that it was so sexy but in such a subtle way. My mother is also super conservative and would threaten to kick me out of the house if I ever came home with a new piercing or tattoo, so I figured that this was the perfect way to be edgy and rebellious without her ever having to find out.

One Sunday afternoon during a philanthropy event, a group of about fifteen sisters including myself decided to take a trip over to the nearest tattoo salon and pierce our nipples. Nothing says sisterhood more than a room full of naked sisters and a piercing gun, amirite? One by one, we took off our tops and eased down onto the bench, squeezing each other’s hands as the piercing artist pierced each one of our nipples (best sisterhood event ever btw. Too bad we couldn’t submit this to our nationals and earn some brownie points).

The thing that’s great about nipple piercings is that your boobs aren’t on display for the world to see, unlike a facial or belly button piercing which is a lot more visible. You don’t have to worry about a potential employer turning you down or giving your grandmother a heart attack because you can control who you want to see it. Not comfortable with the world knowing your dirty little secret? No problem, wear a bra or nipple pedals. Feel like letting the nips out for a night on the town? Leave the bra at home and let people marvel at your sexy piercing popping through your shirt. It’s like a cute little accessory. I love the look on a guy’s face mid-hookup as he takes off my shirt and sees my piercing. They never expect it and think that it is so kinky and hot. I’ve never had a bad reaction to it. Having a nipple ring makes your nipples even more sensitive as well, and having a guy kiss or suck on it feels like heaven. I would highly recommend going under the piercing gun just for this reason alone.

People often ask me if it hurt when it was pierced. Duh, of course it hurt. A needle going through your nipple, an extremely sensitive area on your body, hurts like a bitch. I screamed profanities at the top of my lungs as the needle went through. But the pain is so quick, and I was only sore for a few hours after post-piercing. It’s totally worth it for some cool body bling. I occasionally get my nipple ring caught in my loofah, which hurts like a bitch, but you just have to be mindful of that. Overall I’m #TeamNippleRing and I think that you should be too.

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