You Need To Make Room In Your Phone For Toga, Stat

You Need To Make Room In Your Phone For The Toga App, Stat

They say a sorority girl is nothing without a color-coded planner and someone to keep her secrets. No one has actually ever said that, but it sounds true, right? We’re moving ~digital~ so your secrets are now kept in a group message, and you need a foolproof way to keep up with your social calendar and all the big events on campus on your phone. Enter the Toga app.

Toga is a social app curated by on-campus student reps at over 450 schools, ranging from the University of Miami to Cornell to USC, where students are checking out the app two times a day. And for good reason. It’s basically a calendar of all the social events going on at your school. It lists tailgates and parties, as well as Greek events and academic events. Basically, it will tell you every single thing happening at your school on any given day. It even includes which bars are having happy hours and drink specials, so you can plan your nights accordingly. Literally, you’ll never miss anything again.

Toga Events

Like Yik Yak, there’s a Peek feature, so you can check out what’s going on at nearby schools if you have a friend nearby, or if you’re visiting a friend or boyfriend at a different school — or, you know, if you’re still on winter break in your hometown, and want to see what’s going on at the local college. You. Will. Always. Have. Plans.

Toga Peek

And if you’re the one bringing the plans? Toga can help you out then too. You can create events on Toga so people know what’s up. Perfect for philanthropy events and house parties. So delete some pictures and make room in your phone, because the Toga app is where it’s at.

Download Toga Here

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