You Will Quite Honestly NEVER Guess What Pops Up On Vogue’s Website When You Type In This Secret Code


I’ve never been one for fashion. Most of my days are spent in yoga pants and baggy tees, even into my professional career. So I can honestly say that I had never been on Vogue’s website. Let alone UK’s version of Vogue. And then, while I was skimming social media today to see if anyone else got engaged, I saw a post that caught my eye.


No, I wasn’t on Reddit. I’m not a 13-year-old boy or a 55-year-old man with anger issues. But it was shared on Facebook, and it made me stop. Much like the curiosity of what’s hidden in a boyfriend’s cell phone, or the parent’s closet at Christmastime, I was drawn to the mystery. I quickly typed in the web address to figure out something I never knew I needed the answer to.

After going to, I was almost too anxious to type in the code. What would in mean? What would happen? I felt my heart pounding as I meticulously clicked the correct keys.


And behold. The secret to Vogue UK’s coding. Velociraptors. In fashionable hats. I kid you not. This code will make velociraptors in fashionable hats pop up on your screen. Every time you click “a” a new raptor will appear with a new hat. But watch out. The second you click something else, all of the dinos will disappear, just like in history (deep, I know).


Now to be honest, this isn’t new. But I’m late to the party so bear with me. According to Ubergizmo, this coding is super popular with old school gamers. It’s called a Konami code and basically provides “Easter eggs” on lots of different sites for smart users to figure out. And honestly, since discovering it a few hours ago, my world has changed. If you’re feeling nerdy AF, you can try the code out a few other places for maximum enjoyment. Like UK GQ, Digg (make sure you have your speakers on), Wired, and Buzzfeed, just to get you started.

So why raptors? Why hats? No one knows, but I think it’s the mystery that makes it so mesmerizing. Or weird. Mostly weird. Still, now you can put “coding” in your list of skills on your resume. Or at least you can land a brainy guy with a rich major who’s impressed by your knowledge of Konami codes. Either way, it’s a hilarious win-win. Code on, geeks. Code on.

[via Vogue UK, Ubergizmo]

Images via Vogue UK

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