Your Boyfriend Probably Hates Kissing You


“When will this be over?” you wonder as yet another drunken frat guy stuffs his beef-flavored tongue down your throat.

You half-heartedly kiss him back, knowing that if you do this for a little while he might put his tongue somewhere else. Somewhere better. Somewhere a little more south.

According to a recent report by the American Anthropological Association , if you’re not a huge fan of kissing, you’re not alone. Tons of people from all over the world don’t exactly find the whole exchanging of saliva thing to be “sexual.” The study looked at people of 168 cultures from all over the world to see if kissing did it for them.

Basically what it came down to is that more cultures found kissing to be non-romantic. But it gets weirder. Since we don’t really give AF about what other places think (unless they have fuckable accents), I wanted to see what the people of the good ol’ US of A felt about the act. We all love it, right? It’s in the movies, it’s on the commercials, and it’s all over ladies night after 1 A.M. It turns out, however, that a lot of us don’t actually like making out. Like, a lot a lot of us.

The study shows that only 55 percent of nations in North America enjoy kissing. And sure, there are more countries than you thought in the NA (seriously, there are 23) but still. That means almost half of the people in the areas we come in contact with are not daydreaming about pushing us in an elevator and slobbering all over our faces. The chances of hooking up with the hot guy at your hotel in Costa Rica might be slimmer than you thought. The Canadian who sold you weed on your family vacation might not be down for a little back seat kiss n’ tug. Your boyfriend might be grossed out by the thought of your tongue touching his.


So if you were thinking about checking a foreign hookup off your summer bucket list, proceed with caution. And if you’re one of those weirdos who hates kissing (JK. sort of), know that you aren’t alone. Chances are, the person you’re kissing might hate kissing you too! But until we all just accept that we’d rather have someone’s lips on our other set of lips, we have to play the game and pucker up. Life man, it’s hard.

[via Mirror, American Anthropological Association ]

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