Your Boyfriend Isn’t Going Down On You Enough, Scientifically


For the most part, getting ready to ~do the deed~ follows a pretty basic formula:

Person of interest + kissing + light oral (x2) + some sort of birth control or saying “fuck it” to the lack thereof = penetration.

You gotta have someone you like, you’ve got to swap some spit, and you’ve got to get (at least mostly) naked. Simple. We’ve know how to do this since we skipped school at sixteen to hang out in our boyfriend’s car. Easy peesy.

But it’s come to my attention that things aren’t exactly equal. Shocker, right? I mean, we’re fighting for equality in basically every instance. At work. With money. With opportunities. But hey, that’s not bad enough. Let’s add another! According to The University of Toronto Press one place we need to bring out picketing signs is the bedroom. More specifically: in the oral department.

A study was done on 899 heterosexual university students. They all answered a whole bunch of questions about their most recent sexual encounter, and the results are depressing AF.

Over two-thirds of participants reported that their last sexual encounter included giving and/or receiving oral sex.
More women (59%) than men (52%) reported giving oral sex to their partner.
More men (63%) than women (44%) reported receiving oral sex.
Most men (73%) and women (69%) reported that receiving oral sex was “very pleasurable.”
Though most participants rated giving oral sex as at least “somewhat pleasurable,” men were significantly more likely than women to report that giving oral sex was very pleasurable (52% vs. 28%).

The study went on to say that girls enjoy giving and receiving oral more if they’re in a serious relationship. Guys sort of DGAF when it comes to who they’re going down with, just as long as it’s happening. If that isn’t comforting enough, let me just break this whole thing down for you:

• College guys get oral more than they give it.
• College guys enjoy giving and receiving oral the same no matter who it’s with.
• Guys like getting oral more than girls do.
• And guys like giving oral more than girls do.

So we have a whole bunch of guys who are getting oral way more than girls, even though the girls lowkey hate it. Makes sense, right? Now before we all cry because the world isn’t fair and we’re doing something we don’t like, even though the people who do like it aren’t doing it as much (le sigh), I have a solution. Since the study highlights that girls who are either “cohabitating, engaged, or married” enjoy the whole concept of slobbing on their other person’s knob more, there’s hope for us yet. Tell him that you’ll happily go down on your knees more, if he just gets down on his. After all, science says so.

[via The University of Toronto Press]

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