Your Favorite Place To Be Touched During Sex, And What It Says About You

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I’m just going to jump into it. Forego the foreplay. Get right to it: Let’s talk about sex. Most of us like it, a lot of us think about it, but very few of us like the same thing in bed. Some people like vanilla, some people like chocolate sauce (literally), and some like BDSM. Just sayin. But whether chains and whips excite or scare you, we all have our favorite go-to moves to get things started.

UNILAD just released a study conducted by SKYN Condoms and the AMP agency to find out what, exactly, women like in the bedroom (or in the car, or on the kitchen table — well, you get it). They surveyed over 5,000 guys and gals in the U.S between the ages of 18 and 34. Because yes. It’s important. So here are our favorite places to be touched, and what they say about us. You know, just FYI.

The Stomach

Never have you ever been asked if you work out. For you, fitness isn’t a choice. It’s a mothereffing lifestyle. You drink pre-workout. You Instagram videos of you lifting heavy things and putting them back down. Protein is your life, and Crossfit is the name of your game. Sure, if you were soft, you might not like to be touched on the stomach. But LOL, you would never be soft. Thanks to the love and spotting from your #SwoleMate, you feel confident each and every time he glides his hands across your rock hard abs. Oh to be hot in love.
Percentage of women who like this: 4 percent

The Ass

Oh the ass. What a fickle love with have with it. Sure, the occasional butt slap while in bed is hot, and the flirty grab when we’re at a function is oh-so-great. Even some squeezing, caressing, and maybe even a lick (what? I said maybe) here or there can be…arousing? But when guys hear that you like ass play, visions of #buttstuff dance in their heads. And if you are one of those women who do like butt stuff, kindly leave and never come back. You’re making the rest of us look bad.
Percentage of women who like this: 15 percent

The Back

The back is the classy-woman’s ass. Chances are if you’re a back-lady, you’re relatively classy. Not prude classy, but like, you’ll wear pearls while shotgunning a beer, classy. If you like attention on your back you’re either,
A) With some guy who’s totally whipped and willing to get you a back massage each and every time.
or B) You’re in pretty much any position other than missionary. So, well done.
Percentage of women who like this: 6 percent

The Neck

The ladies who “neck” are the Charlottes of the world. Tasteful. Modest. And actually classy AF. Chances are they have a six-date minimum rule for sleeping with a new guy. They un-ironically own an apron. The might actually own a cookbook. They like to take things slow, but once they get under the (Egyptian cotton) sheets, they become bad bitches. Besides, there’s nothing quite like a good neck kiss and a small, just-barely-there hicky to make a lady feel like a goddess.
Percentage of women who like this: 28 percent

The Breasts/Nipples

And finally, we have the boob ladies. These are the ladies who go after what they want. They don’t waste time, and they don’t take any less than what they deserve (read: orgasms). If you’re dealing with a boob lady, just know: she might be kind of a bitch. But that’s what makes her such a boss. No matter what they say, boob ladies make the world go ’round.
Percentage of women who like this: 34 percent

And if all else fails? Just hand her some chocolate and tell her she’s pretty.

[via UNILAD]

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