Your March Madness Bracket According To Which Schools Have The Most Dateable Men

A lot of you girls have probably heard of Lulu. A bunch of you probably even use it. It’s a sort of man-screening app that girls can use to rate guys. Is he a douchebag? Is he a good friend? Is he charming? The app allows you to rate men on just how dateable (or bangable) they are, all the while adding hashtags like #GoneByMorning #SixPack #SexualPanther. You can then score each man in different categories, and give him an overall score. It’s a way for girls to look out for other girls. Or it’s a way for girls to be extremely sexist through an app that you have to be a female on Facebook to access, but whatever, because dudes get control of the remote.

Regardless, the people over at Lulu know where the good guys are coming from. They know which schools have the best, most attractive, and dateable guys and which schools yield the worst. And since it’s March Madness and all, they ranked all the schools in the Sweet 16 and made their own little bracket based on each school’s average score for dudes. Behold.

Click to enlarge.

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Congrats Utah ladies. Ring by spring is a real possibility for you, but I get the feeling people are a little more generous in their scoring than I would have been. If I know the quality of men over at West Virginia like I think I do, they’re good-looking dudes who are fun to party with…but you’re not exactly about to do a meet and greet with mom and dad.

Regardless, judging boys is fun. I’m making my bracket match this exactly next year.

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Veronica Ruckh

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