You’re A Sweetheart, Not A Brother


You went to every philanthropy event, made dozens of cupcakes and cookies, met every brother from pledges to alum, attended every IM game and made signs, kissed every ass you could have and finally, you get the distinct pleasure of being named sweetheart.

Being a sweetheart is a distinct honor that only a few sorority woman get to call themselves. Not only do you get the honor of wearing your own letters, but a group of men think that you have the incredible qualities, values, and standards that represent their chapter. However, just because you can wear their letters does not mean you’re a brother. Sweethearts are not brothers, and they need to stop calling themselves one.

Recently there has been a trend of sweethearts calling themselves a “brother” and I personally think that there are so many things wrong with this, in addition to also being annoying AF.

To be initiated into a fraternity (as well as a sorority), you have to go through a lot of work to call yourself a brother. Some fraternities don’t even call their pledges brothers until they are initiated and earn that title. So why should you just because you made them some cookies?

Pledges go through a lot of work learning the history and ritual of the chapter before becoming a brother. The brothers of fraternity know and share a special bond over rituals and a specific brotherhood that is unique to them and no one else. They have been with each other since day one, dealing through every up and down that their chapter has had to face. They work their way to be called a brother. Just like you wouldn’t want just anyone who didn’t know all of your sorority rituals call themselves a sister, you shouldn’t be calling yourself a brother.

I think it’s also kind of a slap in the face to your chapter. By calling yourself a brother, it makes it seem like you don’t want to be a part of your sisterhood and would rather be a part of something else. Just like a fraternities brotherhood is important to them, your SISTERhood should be important to you and the reason you call yourself a SISTER.

And the most obvious reason: you’re in a sorority, not a fraternity. Simple as that. If you want to be called a brother, join a frat. When I was elected sweetheart their president explained sweetheart as “If you were a guy, you’d be in our fraternity.” Key words being “if you were a guy.”

Those men elected you to wear their letters because of the nice things you have done for them and because you exemplify their same values. There is a different between a sweetheart and a brother…so stop calling yourself a brother. Frankly, it’s making the rest of us sweethearts look bad.

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