You’ve Been Drinking Starbucks Wrong Your Entire Life


Starbucks is like the gossipy high schooler of chain coffee shops. She’s hot, she’s trendy, and she’s full of secrets. There seems to be a new “secret” Starbucks drink every day and there’s even an entire list of Starbucks hacks that the normal consumer wouldn’t know. Starbucks loves keeping secrets, and loves exposing them even more, cause she’s a sick, twisted bitch like that. Today we learned Starbucks has another trick up her sleeve: the lids of your iced Starbucks drinks could actually be used as coasters.

If you take the lid off and flip it over, you’ll see that it has the exact dimensions of the bottom of your cup. It holds your precious iced coffee/latte/whatever perfectly.

Game. Changer. I’ve always hated how whatever surface I set my venti passion tea lemonade on gets absolutely drenched in liquid condensation. Then you have to either leave it and be an asshole or wipe it off with your hands onto the ground and be an asshole. With this nifty little trick, your iced Starbucks drinks sweats right into your lid/coaster hybrid, mess-free.

What’s the next secret you’re gonna blow us away with, Starbucks? Dunkin Donuts once made out with a hot dog?

[via Elite Daily]

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Cristina Montemayor

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