Yup, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Are Totally Still Together (Picture)

Yup, Emma Roberts and Eva Peters Are Totally Still Together (Picture)

If there’s one thing I love, it’s perfect, happy couples who truly compliment each other and share a beautiful life together. Ha. Kidding. No, if there’s one thing I love, it’s Drama with a capital “D.” I love drama in life, drama in relationships, and drama everywhere in between.

Twisted? Yes. But fun? Fuuuuck yes.

So, naturally, I have always been a big fan of Evan Peters and Emma Roberts together. Well, actually, I’ve just always been a big fan of how twistedly hot Evan Peters is and how much of a bitch Emma Roberts seems to be. I mean, hello? Match made in heaven right there. And, as a die-hard “American Horror Story” fan, it only makes sense that I’d be rooting for these two to get on (or get off, hi-oh!) with their bad selves.

Still, like any couple with a flair for the theatrical, they’ve had their ups and downs. You know, ups like getting engaged, and downs like breaking up a million and one times and getting booked for domestic violence. But that’s all water under the bridge, and the two have been rumored to be on again as the newest season of “AHS” was getting ready to be released, a show in which both of them are conveniently in (Emma for only a brief cameo though, unfortunately).

Even though the reports said that the two vultures/lovebirds were back together, I didn’t totally buy it. I mean, where was the evidence? And then, well, and then Emma did what any girl in an on again off again relationship with a guy most females would happily sleep with would do.

She posted a couples Instagram picture of them dressed up together on Halloween. The classic, “he’s mine” move.

Happy Halloween 👻 from one wetch to another 🔮🖤🎃

A post shared by Emma Roberts (@emmaroberts) on

Look at those cuties! Both in matching black shirts, matching blonde hair, and matching RBFs. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

Sure, this could just be a move by their PR teams to truly convince us that the dream couple of the sexy-horror genre is finally together for good, but honestly? I don’t really care. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that posting a picture together for all to see is the true sign of a happy relationship. Don’t worry, guys. We’re all rooting for you. I mean, unless you guys break up. Then, fuck it. You can find me on Twitter, Evan. I’m the one you’ve probably blocked by now.

[via Instagram, Us Magazine]

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