Zac Efron Says Girls Don’t Like Him On Tinder, Also Zac Efron Is On Tinder

Zac Efron Says Girls Don't Like Him On Tinder, Also Zac Efron Is On Tinder

Zac Efron is perfect. He’s beautiful, he’s funny, and he’s rich, if that’s something you care about (you do). And I don’t mean to brag, but his new movie “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” is based on a real set of brothers named Mike and Dave — and those guys follow me on Twitter. So I’m trying to say that I basically nailed Zac Efron.

And allegedly, I’m the only one. In an interview with The Times, the mega babe revealed that girls don’t like him. Dafuq?

“Dating is something I’ll never be able to do,” he says glumly. “As in the dictionary definition of dating, because one way or another I’ve impacted that person’s life and they’ll soon realise it.” Dating, says Efron, is about seeing somebody for the first time, which is impossible given his omnipresence. “A date has to be very long to dispel whatever people think about me.” So the likes of Tinder would be a no-no? “Amazingly, when I signed up for Tinder, nobody swiped me! They thought it was fake.” He pauses for dramatic effect. “That never happened. Aha-ha.” Tumbleweed.

I’m about to hop onto Tinder, set my location to the whole world, and swipe until I find him. I WILL have him. For so long, he was just another pretty face, but with Neighbors and Mike and Dave, he’s proven to be funny, too. Though, he’s coy about it, like a girl who pretends she doesn’t know her “sunset” selfie is just a picture of her cleavage.

Efron said of himself, “I wouldn’t say I’m a great comedian. I wouldn’t even say I’m a good comedian. I’m not funny.”


Whatever, Zac.

[via The Times]

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