Zayn Malik’s First Solo Single Was Just Leaked And People Are REALLY Effing Pissed (Listen Here)

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When Zayn Malik left One Direction, it was heartbreaking. I mean, for some of us. And by “some of us” I mean, “me.” And by “me,” I mean “a twenty-something who typically has much more refined tastes than listening to One Direction would suggest.”

I can’t lie, though. I saw the signs that all was not right in the world of 1D. Zayn was noticeably absent even before he left the group. He barely spoke during interviews and there was no spark in his eyes during concerts. He was worn down from the five straight years of touring. When he left, I could hardly blame him. His official statement claimed that he just wanted to be a “normal 22-year-old”. I sympathized. It’s really hard being so famous. I would know because I am also very, very famous.

But you know what a normal 22 year-old doesn’t have, Zayn? A SOLO RECORDING CAREER. Yes, that’s right. Just mere days after leaving the band that made him famous in the first place, Zayn’s first solo single has been leaked by his new producer, Naughty Boy. Zayn’s claims of wanting to not be famous for a while were all in vain. It’s clear that he wanted to go in a different artistic direction and 1D had been holding him back. Sigh.

Actually, double sigh because Zayn’s song is really good. Like, cry-into-your-wine-all-alone-because-you’re-feeling-all-the-feels, good. I want to be mad at Zayn but I just can’t. His jaw line and amazing eyelashes are my valium. Sing away, sweet prince. Sing away.

God, it hurts so good.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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I came for the wine, but I stayed for the complimentary appetizer sampler plate.

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