ZBT At GW To Host Giant Game Of Red Light, Green Light To Promote Consent

ZBT At GW To Host Giant Game Of Red Light, Green Light To Promote Consent

“Red light, green light, 1 2 3.”

Doesn’t it just bring back warm feelings of nostalgia? ZBT thought so, and is using the game for a good cause, one that actually makes perfect sense given the nature of the game. Consent. ZBT president Nick Carr told the GW Hatchet:

“The concept’s pretty simple. If you ever were a kid and played red light, green light, it’s that, around the topic of sexual assault. Respecting the signals and knowing the signals: red is stop, green is go, and yellow is also supposed to be stop, you know, just like at any traffic light,” he said. “You’re not supposed to run through a red.”

Just like when you were a little kid, students turn around on three and yell “Red light!” when they want everyone to stop. And if you don’t stop, you’re out of the game, just as it should be when it comes to sex. The fraternity hopes this will go down in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the largest game of red light, green light ever played.

Accompanying this game to be held on October 24 will be signs plastered all over campus to make the students start thinking about consent. They’ll pose questions such as “Does drunk and sloppy turn you on?” and “When was the last time you actually asked a girl to dance?”

There have been other programs aimed at educating the campus about consent, but Carr points out they don’t “go far enough.” Most other programs are not student-run and he and ZBT feel it’s important that they’re leading the conversations themselves, since it’s a problem among the student body.

[via GW Hatchet]

Image via GW ZBT

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