Zookeepers Are Re-Creating Chris Pratt’s Raptor Scene From “Jurassic World” And It’s Beautiful

If you’ve seen “Jurassic World,” or even if you haven’t, this trend will absolutely make your day. In a widely viewed clip of the movie, you see Chris Pratt tame a group of raptors, because apparently even non-humans are captivated by his manly charm.

Zookeepers all over the world were inspired by the whole thing, and have taken it upon themselves to recreate the scene with all kinds of animals, including penguins, walruses, turtles, and chickens. Basically, they’re imitating Pratt using animals that have absolutely zero intention of eating them, excluding one scene that includes three tigers. That dude has some balls. Feast your eyes on the results.

#raptorsquad #clevergirls #chrispratt #raptorshotremake

A photo posted by Susie Rodenkirchen Walker (@susiethefivetoedsloth) on


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Holding the penguins back #jurassicworld style! #jurassiczookeeper #jurassiczoo #ZoorassicWorld

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I think Chris would approve.

[via BuzzFeed]

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