Here’s This Halloween’s Trendiest, Most Outrageous “Sexy” Costume


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Nice Move


Let’s talk options for sexy Halloween costumes this year. You could go with some traditional choices like nurse, cop, or bunny. Maybe you want to go with something more trendy. Well according to Yandy, the site that brought you last year’s sexy “Frozen” costumes, this year’s top trendy pick is “Sexy Donald Trump.”

Yup, you read that correctly. To be sexy this year, you need to dress up like a middle-aged man.

As ridiculous as this costume is, I think it solves an age-old dilemma we females face each October. That of course, is the struggle between being “sexy” or “funny” for Halloween. With this “sexy Trump” costume, you can finally be both.

That’s just one of the many pros you get if you choose this costume. Let’s examine it. For starters, you obviously have to wear a wig, so you wouldn’t even have to worry about doing your hair! Halloween diet? You wouldn’t need it. You’d be covered in all the right places (looking at you, summer bod that never happened). And if you really wanted to, you could ditch the heels for more comfortable footwear.

It’s truly a bizarre win-win.

[via KHOU]


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