11% Of Americans Think HTML Is An STD, And Other Embarrassing Things


Are you ready to feel bad about our general population? Strap on your seat belts, kiddos, because a new study found Americans are really fucking dumb. At least when it comes to sexual education and basic computer knowledge. To give an example, do you know the name of the audio file you use to listen to music? Did you guess MP3 because, yeah, that’s common knowledge? I mean, hello! Before we had iPods we had “MP3 PLAYERS.” Well, then you’re already doing better than almost a quarter of the dumbasses surveyed, because 23% of them thought an MP3 was a robot from Star Wars.

The study covered by Time surveyed 2,392 Americans, asking them to define tech and non-tech terms. Okay, so maybe it’s difficult to pull a definition out of thin air. Except it wasn’t, because people were given three possible choices for each term. In typical idiotic American fashion, 11% of people surveyed that they thought HTML was an STD. God. Dammit. To put that in perspective, that’s one in nine. One in nine people had a 33.33% chance of getting their answer just by doing “eeny-meeny-miney-moe,” and they still went with STD.

But because that wasn’t enough humiliation, the surveyed continued. Here are the results:

  • 18% of people surveyed were sure a “Blue Ray” is a marine animal.
  • 15% think “software” is comfortable clothing.
  • 12% think USB in an acronym… for a European country.

Come on, America. Do better.

[via Time]

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