27 Times “Grey’s Anatomy” Perfectly Explained What It’s Like Being In A Sorority


Finally, Thursdays have meaning again. Tonight is the night that Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder come back, and if you aren’t an avid watcher of all three of these shows, what are you even doing with your life? Although they’re all amazing, Grey’s Anatomy is the longest running show in Shondaland and therefore has a special place in our hearts. To celebrate the return of Meredith, sans Derrick, here’s a list of times Grey’s Anatomy perfectly described sorority life.

  1. When you go to your first mixer:
  2. When you know you’ve finally found your big:
  3. When you have a test tomorrow but your favorite fraternity is having a bar tab:
  4. When the fraternity with the best punch sees you coming:
  5. When your shoes are off and your makeup is smeared and you’re having a heart to heart with your big:
  6. When a bottom tier fraternity comes to chapter to invite your sorority to their party:
  7. When you’re competing to be a fraternity sweetheart:
  8. When you walk into your third standards meeting of the semester and it’s only September:
  9. When you’re trying to go home with a guy but your big tells you he’s ugly:
  10. When texting your big the morning after:
  11. When you want to go home with a guy but you don’t because you know you’re about to be sick:
  12. When you finally get to the point where you don’t need a chaser after taking a shot:
  13. When your social calendar is so full that you don’t have time for anything else:
  14. When you’re a senior but you find a freshman really hot:
  15. When you have to explain to standards why you threw up in the president’s purse at formal:
  16. When your little gets a boyfriend and you think she’s going to start ditching you to hang out with him:
  17. When someone asks you what makes your relationship with your big so special:
  18. When you’ve accepted your place in the Greek ranking system, and you’re not at the top:
  19. When a trip to the bathroom turns into a small chapter meeting:
  20. When the standards chair tries to act like you two are cool after she put you on social probation:
  21. When the freshmen act like freshmen:
  22. When your big is graduating and you don’t know what you’re going to do without her:

  23. When your president questions why there’s a video of you dancing on top of a bar:
  24. When your sisters say it’s time to leave the party but you aren’t ready:
  25. When you don’t feel like going out:
  26. When dry week is finally over:
  27. When you get your heart broken, or your car gets a flat, or you just had a bad day, but you know you can call up any one of your sisters and do this:

Here’s to another emotional season of Grey’s Anatomy.

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