48 Things You Should Probably Thank Your Boyfriend For

48 Things You Should Probably Thank Your Boyfriend For

  1. Telling you you’re pretty when you tell him to tell you you’re pretty.
  2. And telling you you’re pretty just because he wants to.
  3. Acting like he cares about what that bitchy girl at work did.
  4. Agreeing that she’s a bitch, because, well, she is.
  5. Dealing with your itchy hair, your insane level of body heat at night, and the dead arm just because you want to cuddle.
  6. And not giving a shit when you say you don’t feel like being touched.
  7. Because he pays for you, whether that happens often or infrequently.
  8. And because he’s beyond appreciative when you make a big deal and pay for him.
  9. Helping to keep your anxiety down by telling you who texted him.
  10. And being understanding when you get pissed about his best friends on Snapchat.
  11. For the #WCW. Every single Wednesday.
  12. And letting you put up that picture of him in a speedo for your #MCM.
  13. For playing with your hair.
  14. And accepting the fact that you shed everywhere. It’s life. You can’t help it.
  15. For offering to buy you delicious, fattening food.
  16. And then being a good sport when you say “no,” but subsequently eat all of his.
  17. For not being upset when you ditch him for your friends.
  18. But then taking your shit when you give him the guilt trip for hanging out with his.
  19. For being nice when your legs aren’t perfectly shaved all of the time.
  20. And acknowledging how soft they are when you actually take the time to prune and moisturize.
  21. For driving you literally everywhere.
  22. And letting you pick the music, put up your feet, and ignore him for your phone while you’re being chauffeured.
  23. For going to social events with you, despite the fact that he hates getting dressed up.
  24. And acting like he’s having fun, even though he doesn’t know anyone.
  25. Taking countless pictures for you at concerts, bars, and on railroad tracks.
  26. And posing without argument when you need to document the moment and make everyone jealous.
  27. For having sex with you literally whenever or wherever you want.
  28. And not making too big of an issue out of it when you aren’t in the mood.
  29. Making food when you “can’t even…”
  30. And making you believe that the food you cook can pass as edible.
  31. For letting you pick which show to watch.
  32. And acting like he knows what’s going on in “So You Think You Can Dance.”
  33. For not agreeing that your super hot friend is super hot.
  34. And for telling you you’re hotter, even though it’s a lie.
  35. For calling you skinny.
  36. But insisting you’ll still be beautiful, even if you order cheese fries.
  37. For making your friends like him.
  38. And acting like you’re not insane when you say he’s being “too friendly.”
  39. Opening jars when you’re “just far too weak.”
  40. Putting on the show he knows you’re watching without asking.
  41. For kissing you in front of his friends.
  42. And accepting the shit they give him, because you’re worth it.
  43. For doing dumb things just to make you smile.
  44. And for going out of his way, just to hear you laugh.
  45. For “liking” the picture you posted on Facebook.
  46. And acting like he isn’t completely embarrassed by how many times you used the word “love” in the description.
  47. For reading this article because you sent it to him.
  48. And for saying it “meant a lot” to him, whether he means it or not.

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