49 Things You Do When Your Best Friend Comes Into Town

Things You Do When Your Best Friend Comes Into Town

Moving away from your best friend is easily one of the hardest parts of growing up. Whether you went to different colleges, are from different hometowns, or end up in different cities post-grad, not being able to stop in to randomly hang out or complain about your boyfriend makes life harder. But despite not seeing each other every second of every day, it’s not all bad once you get used to it. FaceTime dates are an excuse to stay in with a bottle of wine, and you text and Snapchat each other so much, it’s almost like you’re next to each other anyway. One of the best parts about having a ride-or-die who lives far away, though, are the visits. When you finally get to see each other, it’s like the world falls back into place.

After getting her at the airport (complete with a giant sign, lots of shouting, and plenty of embarrassment), you pick up right where you left off.

  1. Go on Facebook and stalk everyone you went to high school with.
  2. And shit talk every single one of them.
  3. Especially the ones who are engaged and/or happy.
  4. Then you move on to Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.
  5. Maybe Zillow too. Fuck it.
  6. Then you stalk your own Facebook statuses back to 2007.
  7. Die a little bit when you see just how many Rihanna songs you quotes.
  8. Even though, no. Neither of you were that bad, and neither of you were that good at it.
  9. Watch all of the movies you used to be obsessed with.
  10. And laugh at all of the same parts.
  11. Eat like you still have the metabolism of a 16-year-old.
  12. Look at pictures of when you were skinny.
  13. Looks at pictures of when you were tan.
  14. Talk about how pale and fat you are now.
  15. Then whine about the fact that you don’t have that metabolism anymore.
  16. Avoid wearing real clothes.
  17. And then when you do, snatch a few things out of her suitcase.
  18. Come across that shirt she borrowed seven years ago and never gave back in her suitcase.
  19. Bitch at her about it out of principal even though you know you’ll never actually get the shirt back.
  20. Stay in and split a giant bottle of wine just like old times.
  21. Tell each other the same stories you’ve already told each other a million times.
  22. And laugh at the same punchlines like you’ve never heard them before.
  23. Facetime your parents.
  24. And your siblings.
  25. And your cousin who’s absolutely obsessed with her.
  26. Remind your boyfriend that she’s actually your number one.
  27. But make them take a picture together because you sort of need them to love each other.
  28. Lay on the floor and stare at your phones.
  29. And take an annoying amount of pictures.
  30. Drag her out to meet your friends and talk about how much you love her.
  31. Then tell every bartender that she’s visiting from out of town.
  32. Do shots. Just do them. You know you’re going to so don’t fight it.
  33. And drink your body weight in rosé and mimosas.
  34. Talk about all of the horrible guys you dated.
  35. Consider drunkenly texting them, just for old time’s sake.
  36. Text them. Regret it. (But like, don’t regret it *that* much.)
  37. Get day drunk at the pool.
  38. Take 73 pictures of each other on whatever Instagram-worthy float you got for the occasion.
  39. Hate all of them and do it again.
  40. Then feel absolutely no shame when you double (and triple) post pictures of the two of you together.
  41. Snapchat literally every moment of her visit.
  42. And try to convince her to transfer schools, jobs, or lives so that she can live in your city.
  43. Plan what your apartment will look like when she moves to live with you.
  44. Then, naturally, plan your future weddings and children’s names, because big life decisions love company.
  45. Pout when she tells you she has to go back home, but grudgingly drive her to the airport.
  46. Cry as your drop her off, and give her an extra hard squeeze.
  47. Start texting each other the second she gets past security because she saw someone who looked exactly like your brother.
  48. Buy a plane ticket to see her in three months.
  49. Repeat until one of you caves and moves. Hopefully.

It doesn’t matter how often you see each other. All that matters is you drink and gossip enough to make up for the times spent apart.

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