5 Reasons We’re All Secretly Kanye West

Kanye West

I know, I know St. Pablo gets a lot of shit in the media for being crazy and irrational and a total narcissist, but Kanye West has a few admirable qualities that we all share.

He Loves His Friends

Yes, the whole Beyoncé debacle was a bit obnoxious, but Kanye only did it because he loves his girl ‘Yonce so much. Our Queen B has been snubbed from so many awards. I mean come on, she released an album overnight without anyone’s prior knowledge and it set the world on fire. No one had ever done that before. She’s a pioneer who looks kickass in a bodysuit and he stood up for her. We would all run on stage for our sisters if they needed us because that’s what kickass friends do.

He Loves Himself

For some strange reason, society tells us not to love ourselves and show it in any way possible and I say bullshit to that. Loving yourself is a good quality and more people should do it. Plus, it’s totally okay to admit that you’re a total hottie. Kanye has built an empire (and some hilarious memes) on his self-love. We all want to love ourselves the way Ye loves Ye. And some of us certainly already do.

He Has A Ride Or Die Whom He Worships

Everyone has a ride or die. Kanye once got Kim a one of a kind painted Birkin bag just because. Whether it’s your boo or your best friend who’s got your back when shit goes down, we’re lucky that we’ve found “the one.” You know, the one who will record your phone calls and release them later to prove your innocence. Kim is Kanye’s other half and we all want a significant other to dote on and to dote on us.

He Is Passionate AF

The media can say so much about Kanye West but the one thing they cannot say about the guy is that he doesn’t care. Kanye took YEARS to release the Life of Pablo, once named Waves and before that named Swish. But after he did it was a damn masterpiece. The man spends hours in the studio and he is definitely a master of his craft. We have all sang aloud to some Kanye song drunk at a party and LOVED it. But more importantly, we all have our passions that we would pour our everything into. Hell, that’s why half of us went to college majoring in theater and English. We know we may not get a job right out of college but we do it because it’s what we love.

He Is A Little Bit Crazy

Aren’t we all? Sure most of us have not claimed in front of thousands of people that we were running for president in 2020. But most of us have texted a guy that was ignoring us, or Facebook stalked an ex. Some of us have even thrown up on others in times of drunk disasters. It’s okay to be a little bit crazy. If we weren’t a teeny bit crazy, life would be a whole lot less interesting.

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