7 Crushes You Have During Your Relationship


You love your boyfriend. He’s smart, cute, treats you like a princess, and only occasionally calls you out on shit. You would never cheat on him, and you would unleash absolute hell onto him if he ever cheated on you. As happy as you are in your blissful monogamy, occasionally you let your mind drift to what it would be like to be with someone else. Your relationship status doesn’t cut off your sex drive or make you blind. Having a crush on someone doesn’t make you a cheater, it makes you normal. As long as you’re not acting on those feelings, it’s completely fine to fantasize. Take the crush for what it is at face value — a crush, innocent (except for when you’re thinking about what it would be like for them to bone you), and a fun waste of time. Here are the seven types of guys that you’ll have a crush on, while still staying loyal to bae:

1. The Professor
Who hasn’t fantasized about a hot professor? From the moment that he walks through the door on the first day of class, you know that you’re a goner. Let’s hope that he’s not teaching an important class, because, chances are, you’ll be too distracted to listen. You begin to daydream about him asking you to do some extra credit. I mean, I love you baby, but I also love getting the grades I need to get into grad school.

2. The Good Guy Friend
Once you entered a steady relationship, you basically became a bro to your good guy friend. The more he treats you like a guy, the more you want him to notice you’re still a girl. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to catch him checking you out once in awhile. You’re really close with your good guy friend. He can make you laugh, you always have a good time together and you have the best conversations. However, unlike your boyfriend, you don’t get into fights with him for checking out another girl or for leaving his dirty socks on the floor every morning. You start to romanticize him as this perfect guy, however you’re brought back to reality when you remember that there was a reason that you friend zoned him in the first place.

3. The Guy Who Hit on you at the Bar
It never hurts to be reminded of the fact that you’re still hot. There’s no ring on your finger, or sign around your neck saying “I’m in a relationship!” So when an unsuspecting guy comes up to hit on you at the bar, it’s a great boost for your self-confidence (and a reminder that your boyfriend is so lucky to have you). Go ahead, flirt a little bit, give him a fake number and let him buy you a drink; but stop him there. When he starts to get handsy, or too invested, cut your losses and move on. There’s no reason to string him on for too long. He gave you some pretty great compliments and a tequila shot – what more can you want?

4. The Showoff in your Class
Oh my GOD this is guy annoying. He answers every question in class, has corrected the professor on more than one occasion, and has the GPA to show for it. At one point, when the two of you were in a head-on fight during a class discussion (bonus points if you were participating to try to impress the hot professor), something clicked. As horrible as he can be to deal with, there’s something undeniably sexy about a smart guy who’s willing to challenge you every step of the way. But then you imagine your sweet boyfriend, who always lets you pick the restaurant without a fight, and knows nothing about your major.

5. The Best friend of your Boyfriend
Your boyfriend loves to talk up your best qualities to his best friend. His instincts give him the urge to constantly prove that he has found the better mate. You know for a fact that his best friend would have given him the “she’s hot, you’re good to go” assessment before the two of you started dating, and, if he didn’t like you, he would have tried to talk your boyfriend out of dating you. Logically, this guy must think you’re pretty cool if he’s good with you dating his best friend, and you can’t help but wonder if things would have been different if you had met him first.

6. The Frat Boy
If your boyfriend isn’t Greek, that comes with its benefits. You never have to worry about him at mixers with other sororities or deal with his brothers doing stupid shit or Greek life drama, but you can’t help but feel a twinge of jealously when you see another girl wear her boyfriend’s letters on campus, or knowing that your chances of becoming a fraternity’s sweetheart are pretty slim. You fantasize about what it would be like to be dating the president (or at least someone on the exec team) and literally become the queen of a bunch of frat guys.

7. The Celebrity
This one doesn’t even count. If your boyfriend gets angry at you for being attracted to a celebrity (hello Zac Efron!) you better reevaluate your choice not to hook up with someone else on this list.

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