7 Sisters You Can’t Trust


I know, I know, you should be able to trust all your sisters. And that would be great if it were true. But unfortunately, no matter how top (or bottom) tier your sorority, how many sisters you have, or how many awesome sisterhood events your chapter puts on, you’re not going to like or be friends with everyone in your chapter. You’ll love them and share a bond that can never be broken, but you won’t like all of them. That’s life. The world (and your chapter) are full of people who just rub you the wrong way.

Here are a few sisters in your chapter who you simply can’t trust.

1. The Clothes Thief

This girl is constantly asking the chapter if she can borrow clothes. One day she needs a pencil skirt for an interview, the next day she asks everyone if she can borrow a formal dress, and it doesn’t stop there. This girl has the audacity to ask to borrow SHOES. You know, those things you squeeze your feet into and sweat in all night long? Shoes are personal. Shoes are not something you can just casually borrow. This girl has no boundaries when it comes to “borrowing” prized pieces of your closet. It would be one thing if she wore it, washed or dry-cleaned it, and returned it neatly to its original home in your closet. Nope. She takes things (sometimes without asking!), wears them, and more often than not, returns them in worse condition. When you confront her, she’s always super casual about it. “Sorry, Jason and I got the drunchies after formal and went to Taco Bell and he opened up an entire packet of mild salsa on your dress! LOL.” I’m not laughing, bitch.

It might take one or two ruined pieces of clothing, but eventually, you learn that this sister is not to be trusted with your precious clothing.

2. The Flirt

Hide your boyfriends, hide your hookups, because this girl is flirting with everyone out here. You’ll leave your boyfriend alone for two minutes to get a drink and by the time you come back, this girl is talking, laughing, smiling, and touching your boyfriend’s arm. “LAUREN I can’t believe you didn’t introduce me to your boyfriend sooner! You’ve got yourself a good one!” she’ll squeal. Yeah, that was on purpose, you say in your head.

This girl may not outright tell your boyfriend she’s interested, but she’ll send signals. The touching, the laughing? Please. That’s flirting 101. But of course, she’s your sister, she would never steal your boyfriend. Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past her. One thing’s for sure — absolutely never vent to this sister about your guy problems. She’ll see this as the perfect opportunity to swoop in and steal him right from under your feet. I wouldn’t trust this girl with any information about your relationship — ever.

3. The Gossip

This girl can’t keep her mouth shut to save her life. She has all the dirt on everyone, and she takes it upon herself to spread it like wildfire. She doesn’t have one specific friend group — she has connections everywhere. But don’t get it twisted — she has no alliances. She is loyal to no friend group. She knows everything and everyone, which can be good if you want to find out the real reason why John dumped Ashley or what Alpha Rho is doing for Homecoming. She also knows that you hooked up with Jaimie’s boyfriend right before they became official, and yeah, she told Jaimie.

Don’t trust this girl with any information unless you want the entire Greek community to know.

4. The Fake Bitch

This girl is the biggest shit-talker you know. She’ll vent to you about how annoying Christine is and how much she can’t stand her, and then the next day you’ll see Snapchats of them taking shots and an Instagram of them together with the caption, “go best friend, that’s my best friend.” She’s fake AF.

If she’ll talk to you about Christine, what do you think she’s saying about you to Christine? You guessed it.

5. The Social Climber

This girl is doing everything she can to get to the top of the social hierarchy. There’s a popular group in every sorority (you’re probably in it), and she’s actively seeking acceptance from each and every one of its members. Maybe the party girls are the popular group, so this girl makes sure to show up to their pregames carrying bottles of Grey Goose and Ciroc. Maybe the seniors are the popular group, so she’ll show up to the house on a Saturday morning carrying Starbucks to nurse their hangovers. Whoever they are, she wants to be one of them. And she’s doing everything she can to bribe her way in. No one can resist top shelf liquor or Starbucks when they’re hungover, so the popular girls might take her in, like a puppy off the streets.

But don’t be fooled, once a cooler group comes around, she’ll ditch any and all friends from before in order to secure her place at the top.

6. The Drama Queen

The Drama Queen always has something going on. If she’s not fighting and breaking up with her boyfriend for the ninth time, she’s feuding with a sister over something stupid, like who ate the last of the pizza rolls. It’s like no one told this girl that high school is over. Maybe it’s because she loves the attention or maybe it’s because she loves hearing the sound of her voice, but this girl just cannot let anything go.

You don’t want to say anything to piss this girl off because she will go after you and whisper to all her closest friends about what a bitch you are. She’s a life-ruiner. She ruins lives.

7. The Suck Up

She’s butt buddies with nearly everyone on exec, if she’s not already on exec. She’s power-hungry. We all know sororities may seem like a democracy, they’re more of a representative democracy, and it’s the people in power whose opinions matter the most. She’s different than the social climber in that she’s not trying to climb the social ladder, but the executive ladder. She’s sneaky, conniving, and will do anything to get the right people on her side. She’ll make a fine politician one day, but right now, she’s just annoying.

Don’t let this sister see you putting wine in your water bottle during chapter or doing a keg stand at a party. She’ll have Standards calling for a meeting with you in no time.

Can’t trust these hoes.

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