7 Things You REALLY Need To Thank Your Guy Best Friend For


To the guy best friends who have been through it all with us. The ones who our boyfriends are threatened by, and the ones who threaten the boyfriends if they hurt us. The ones we love like the brothers we never wanted, but got stuck with anyways. This one is for you.

Thank You For Always Being A Phone Call Away

No matter the time, the reason, or my blood alcohol level, I always can count on you. You pick up even in your most hectic moments. You listen to me complain. And you act like you care when I go on and on about some stupid situation that won’t matter in a week. Or at least you pretend to care, which is honestly all that matters.

Thank You For Being My Go-To Drinking Buddy

Whenever I need someone to have a beer or a shot of Fireball with, you’re always there. Whether it’s at a crowded club after a breakup, or a chill night with friends, you’re always down to get shitfaced, without reminding me of calorie intake.

Thank You For Walking With Me Late At Night

No matter how far the walk is, whether it’s ten footsteps or a mile, you always go with me. More than that, you don’t take “no” for an answer when I feel bad for making you go out of your way. You know I’m terrified of getting jumped, robbed, or looked at weird, so you always sacrifice your nights to make sure I get home safe.

Thank You For Letting Me Be Me

If I’m putting my feet in your face. If I’m sending double-chinned Snapchats to you. If I’m going through your phone and eating all of your food when you “bore” me. You make me feel more comfortable than anyone else does. Thanks for supporting my love of weird Netflix documentaries, dipping my french fries in chocolate ice cream, and laughing at my dumb jokes. You let me be me, and that’s the best gift of them all.

Thank You For Being Brutally Honest With Me

You always tell me when I look my worse, but never forgot to tell me when I look my best. Thank you for being one of my toughest, yet most valued critics. You help me grow into a better, more well-rounded person. You never let me settle for less than I deserve, and you call me out when I’m not doing my best. I wouldn’t stay on track if it wasn’t for you, and for that I hate you. I mean, love you.

Thank You For Being My Crying Shoulder

No matter if it’s balling my eyes out when I get into a fight with a friend, get a bad test score, or get hung up on some dumb romantic comedy, you’re there. And even better, you’re not afraid of my ugly crying face. Thanks for being there with junk food to share and white t-shirts for me to ruin with my mascara.

Thank You For Being You

Even though you don’t always answer my texts, and you make fun of the way I laugh or always steal your hats, I would never want another guy best friend. You are the perfect one. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of my life, and never giving up on me, no matter how bitchy I act. No matter where life takes us or who we become, I’ll always be by your side – annoying the shit out you and telling you that you need a hair cut. You know. Because, love. And because your hair looks like shit.

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