9 Things Your Little Actually Needs in Her Big/Little Reveal Basket


Some of the best moments in life spur from complete surprises. The surprise of reading a negative on a pregnancy test when you are four days late on your period. The surprise of waking up after a night you don’t remember sans hangover. The surprise of ~actually~ orgasming when you have sex with your boyfriend to whom you are honestly no longer attracted. Although all these surprises are just fine and dandy, arguably one of the best surprises of your basic college career is finding out who your big is.

Big/Little Reveal is arguably the best day in the sorority world. It is a day both big and little will cherish forever and in a nutshell is basically the day you ask a girl you just met if she will be the maid of honor in your wedding. Big/Little Reveal is full of costumes and pictures and possibly some snuck-in wine coolers, but everyone knows the best part about reveal is the gifts. Some bigs fill their baskets with exclusively Lily Pulitzer items, while other (slacker) bigs fill them with cheap store-bought canvases which will inevitably end up in the trash. Still, when it comes to what your little wants, there are a few basics. Make sure to hide these from your standards chair and bask in the fact that you know your little best.

Frat Shirts

Your little will have the opportunity to max out her parents’ card on your sorority’s letters before even ordering her textbooks so don’t waste basket space by filling it to the brim with oversized sorority shirts. Instead, opt for filling it with fraternity shack shirts because everyone knows those are the letters that actually matter on campus. Regift some of your shack shirts (because God knows you have quite the collection by this point), or hit up some of your old fraternity flings promising that you’ll introduce them to your “hot freshman little” for a generous shirt donation.

Beer Belt

Quadruple fisting Keystones is hard at fraternity parties or while floating the river when you have the perfect manicure. So save your little the struggle by getting her a beer belt. This accessory is not only convenient but screams “I am the life of the party.” Extra Points: Get your letters printed on it.

Tampon Flasks

I can honestly say this is the single most useful item I have acquired in college. Everyone knows football games get boring when you start to sober up about halfway through, so the shot of everclear you have in your “tampon” is an absolute necessity.

Glittered Bottles

I’m not the world’s best crafter but glittered booze bottles are the perfect dorm decor. It’s so simple. All you need is empty booze bottles (drink it obviously), aerosol spray glue, and glitter. Spray the glue inside the bottle, dump in a bunch of glitter and shake.


No one wants to be a godmother at the age of twenty.

Alcohol Related Canvases

Shots, martinis, and margaritas oh my! By this point in your college career, you should have a plethora of these pinned to your Pinterest board and should be able to spit booze related quotes out faster then you can rap Fergalicious. Examples include “You miss 100% of the ~shots~ you never take,” “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila floor,” and “Never chase anything but shots and dreams.” Your little will plaster these all over her dorm walls.

A Ranked List of the Fraternities on Campus

There’s nothing worse than hooking up with a top tier frat guy just to wake up the next morning to find out he’s a bottom tier pledge. This horror movie worthy situation can easily be prevented by letting your new little in on the campus fraternity rankings. Extra points for including detailed fraternity must-know information.

Wine Glasses and Shot Glasses

Chances are your little’s mother didn’t include alcohol glassware on her Bed Bath and Beyond back-to-school registry. Everyone knows that a lady should never drink boxed wine out of a red cup. Extra points if the glassware has your sorority’s letters on it.

Something Personal Between the Two of You

Use your imagination. This *is* why she’s your little, right?

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