Adele Is Also Heartbroken Over Brangelina, Dedicated NYC Concert To The Couple


Yesterday, our world was rocked with the end of Brangelina as we know it. Angelina filed for divorce and the internet can only speculate with reasons. Everyone’s upset, blaming Jen, blaming the devil’s lettuce, blaming holy alcohol, blaming everything. I’m more confused myself; what even is real love anymore?

We all just felt the need to sit alone, drink cheap wine, and turn to our unanimous favorite singer to cry to, Adele. WELL GUESS WHAT? SHE’S GOT OUR BACK.

Adele announced to her sold-out Madison Square Garden crowd (which is like twenty thousand people, if you were wondering) that the concert would be “two hours of misery” and that she would guide them “in a group Brangelina breakup therapy session.” I mean, imagine going to an Adele concert on the day one of the greatest Hollywood couples went to nothing. I would need so much therapy. After a few songs in, she dedicated the whole concert to their lost love and all of our broken hearts.

Personally, it’s not really an elephant in the room for me as I turn to everyone in every class of mine asking if they heard the tragic news, and then proceed to voice my own opinion.

The queen of love and breakups declared this an end of an era. What era?!?! The era of real love? The era where couples last? I must know what she means, because she is a goddess and if she is declaring the end of an era, it really is over for all of us. She’s just reaffirming that if Brangelina can’t work out, your hookup buddy won’t magically gain feelings for you, your boyfriend of four years will end probably soon, and for all the guys reading this, you’ll never get out of the friend zone. Consider the holy word of Adele and just give up on love.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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