“American Horror Story” Is Becoming A Real Haunted House You Can Go To This Halloween

American Horror Story Murder House

This year “American Horror Story” has already given us more heart palpitations than all of the other seasons, and it hasn’t even started yet. From the lies, the fake teasers, and the weird allusions to the series somehow being connected to “Scream Queens,” we’re already on an emotional freaking rollercoaster.

Ready for it to get even better?

Universal Studios’ Halloween event, Halloween Horror Nights, has announced that this year, they’ll have an “American Horror Story” themed house. Because sitting on the couch and clutching your boyfriend (or make believe boyfriend, I’m not one to judge) in fear wasn’t quite enough.

The maze will include The Murder House, the Freak Show, and The Hotel Cortez and can be wandered through at Universal in both Hollywood and Orlando. While sadly it doesn’t have Asylum in there, I have a feeling it’s because literally everyone would shit their pants and Universal doesn’t want to put that in its budget. And in case this isn’t terrifying enough, other houses will include “Halloween,” “Krampus,” “The Exorcist,” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

So yeah. If you like scary shit, this is obviously the place to be. And if you can’t make it to Hollywood or Universal (peasants) then you just have to hang tight until the next season of “AHS” is aired on FX on September 14. My Halloween senses are officially starting to tingle.

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