New “Scream Queens” Teaser Hints It Might Be Connected To “American Horror Story”

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Ah yes, I do love a good conspiracy theory in the morning. Yesterday Scream Queens released a forty-two-second teaser for its new season. Other than the appearance of John Stamos and still-alive Taylor Lautner, it was a short commercial in typical Scream Queens fashion. Jamie Lee Curtis. The Chanels in over-the-top pastel outfits. A quirky tagline. There was really nothing out of the blue to see.

Or was there?! Remember the patient in the wheelchair with the head scar? Keep that in mind as you watch this American Horror Story teaser for its upcoming season.

Another head scar in a similar six figure! Now we know both shows have the same producer, Ryan Murphy, so a crossover between the two isn’t entirely impossible. Let us not forget that Emma Roberts played bitchy witch “Madison Montgomery” in American Horror Story: Coven. That character isn’t far too different from her character in Scream Queens.

Is the connection between the two a stretch? Absolutely. But I’m here for the sliver of a possibility the two could be intertwined. All I know is one thing…


…I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.

[via Bustle]

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