Taylor Lautner Is Still Alive And Finally Confirms That Taylor Swift Wrote A Song About Him

Taylor Lautner

In one movie clip, I learned a lot of really fascinating things. First of all, remember Taylor Lautner? The guy from “Twilight” who looked like an alpaca?

First of all, he’s still alive! Who knew? Because I sure as hell didn’t. Second of all, he’s in the bomb series “Scream Queens.” I mean, he’s alive *and* he’s still acting. My mind is blown. BUT WAIT, IT GETS BETTER. He sat down with two people we actually know, Lea Michele and John Stamos to talk about the show, life, and his embarrassing past that we almost forgot about. Almost.

In 2009, Taylor Lautner, teen wolf dated Taylor Swift, Regina George in sheep’s clothing. Remember? They were in “Valentine’s Day” — the movie all of our high school boyfriends took us too instead of planning an actual date?

Also, we see you Emma Roberts. Anyways, the point is Taylor and Taylor were a thing, and for awhile we haven’t heard anything about it (or Taylor Lautner’s existence). But now, a mere seven years later, he’s finally admitting that she wrote a song about him. Hell, he even says the title of it. If you want the juicy Taylor-Taylor stuff, skip to 9:25. Otherwise enjoy listening to people more successful than us talking about being more successful than us.

So! It’s confirmed. The song “Back to December” is about none other than Taylor Lautner. And while I feel bad for him I guess, I can’t help but appreciate the classic fire TSwift jam being on my playlist again. Oh, and if you ever want to steal a celebrity’s phone, make sure it’s John Stamos’. Dude’s got the hookup. Now, for the throwbacks of all throwbacks.

You’re better off Lautner. Promise. #TeamJacob

[via Cosmopolitan, Facebook]

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