7 New “American Horror Story” Teasers To Scare And Confuse You

Teaser for American Horror Story season 6 woman in bathtub with long hair

In a little over two weeks, the sixth season of “American Horror Story” will finally be here and seriously, it’s about freaking time. From tons of theories to fake teasers, the fact that the theme of the next season is still unknown is scary enough. Despite the fact that over a dozen teasers have been released, people still have no clue what this season will actually be about since almost all of the clues have been lies. And now, to screw with our heads a little more, FX released even more teasers because Ryan Murphy is obviously a masochist.

First, we have what appears to be a frustrated sorority girl dealing with the house’s shower drains after a week of recruitment.

Then, the slow-moving walk of a girl who’s told she needs to clean up her room before house tours start.

That feeling when, despite how hot it is and how crazy you feel, you *finally* get the doorstack song perfectly synchronized.

When you tell your boyfriend that even though you have dry week, you still have eyes everywhere.

Pre-recruitment facial masks be like.

How you feel when you wake up hungover and have to go make small talk for the rest of the day.

All of your recruitment funds going towards expensive aerial drone shots of your house.

Wait a minute. Did I just crack the case? Considering how the media said our door stacks look like the gates to hell, I think it’s pretty obvious what this season of “American Horror Story” is about. Move over, Coven. I have a feeling that come September 14 everyone is going to have a new favorite season of the series: “American Horror Story: Sorority.” I can see society scared already.

[via Youtube / FX]

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