The Internet Found Out About Door Stacks And They’re Freaking Out

Door Stack

Being in a sorority means a lot of weird traditions and rituals. No one can really tell you why we do the things we do, that’s just the way it’s always been. Enter: door stacking.

Door stacking is a pivotal part of recruitment. We spend weeks practicing, cramming everyone into a doorway, screaming, clapping, bruising. It’s a real bonding experience, packing in like sardines. Ask any sorority girl anywhere, and she knows it well. That’s just part of being in a sorority. NBD.

But it appears that the rest of the world doesn’t know quite as much about our “NBD” sorority traditions as we think they do. Yesterday the University of Texas’s Co-Op tweeted out a video of Alpha Delta Pi doing their door stack and chant. The tweet has since been deleted, but this was the video.

It was cute. They did a good job with the ol’ classic “boom boom.” But like with last summer’s Alabama Alpha Phi recruitment video scandal, the haters have come out to play. People who have never heard of door stacks (and to be fair, how could they have?) are freaking out and taking to Twitter dot com to express this newfound fear of sorority girls.

This girl imagines sorority recruitment to be similar to the gates of Hell. Match committee would probably agree.

This girl thinks it would make for a great season of American Horror Story. Spoiler: they already made Coven.

And media outlets seem to be bewildered by it too.

College girls chanting = nightmares.

Hell is a group of hungover 19-21 year olds? Confirmed.

What other horrors will they uncover about us next?

[via Twitter]

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