“America’s Next Top Model” Is Finally Coming Back This December

Tyra Banks

The 2016 VMAs was a show to remember. From Drake’s insanely sweet yet sort of creepy profession of his decade-long love for Rihanna, to Bey’s fire performance — it was one for the books. But what’s more amazing is what was happening behind the scenes. We all sat glued to our screens in blissful ignorance while something magical was happening right under our noses. Amidst the magic of MTV, everyone’s favorite 2000s reality show, “America’s Next Top Model”, released an online teaser trailer.

This. Is. Top. #ANTM struts onto @vh1 this December.

A video posted by America's Next Top Model (@antmvh1) on


The competition is set to air in December, just in time for our tans to wear off and that Thanksgiving five-pound weight jump to remind us the we will never be on top. But hey, think of this as an early Christmas present. Cycle 23 is set to bring a whole new set of faces to the show including Rita Ora and Ashley Graham. Although Tyra won’t be there to put the models through the always intense (and hilarious) boot camp, I have a hunch the queen of “smizing” will pop in every now and then.

We have so much to owe to “ANTM.” Tyra and Jay taught us to always walk fiercely and model our selfies from head to toe. I can’t wait to feel that nail-biting rush as each model’s picture is dramatically flipped over. This is going to be big.

[via Buzzfeed]

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