Amy Schumer’s Naked Instagram Post Basically Proves She’s A Greek Goddess?

Amy Schumer

About six months ago, Amy Schumer shook up the social media world when a nude picture of hers was leaked. What made everyone go totally batshit crazy? The person who leaked it was none other than Amy Schumer and the picture in question was real. Not only do I mean it was totally her instead of just some scummy person on the internet splicing her face on a porn star’s body. No I mean it was real in the fact that it was a body we could recognize. Hell, it was a body a lot of us or our friends have. It wasn’t “perfect.” It wasn’t toned to an insane degree and it wasn’t like the shit we’re told to look like on TV. It was ~real~ and the fact that a picture of a real woman, a real celebrity, was thrown into society saying “Here! This is what we look like” was pretty fucking cool.

And now, almost half a year later, someone noticed something really astounding about that picture. And Amy Schumer? She’s pretty damn flattered. In a recent Instagram post, she shared two posts I’m guessing she found on the internet, and the meaning behind them actually makes you think about a few things.

Thanks for posting this!

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

So cool!

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

Inspiring stuff, guys.

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