Anne Hathaway Is Down For “Princess Diaries 3”

Princess Diaries 3

“The Princess Diaries” might have been the best movie of our prepubescent years. It taught us that even the nerdy girl can turn into a princess, that you won’t end up with the popular guy but you might end up with your best friend’s hot older brother and it will be totally cool, and that straightening your hair will turn you into a better person. The movie franchise kept going and taught us more things, such as finding the perfect boyfriend can be hard and that Chris Pine will give you your first lady boner.

But then it abruptly ended.

As we were rolling along, living that royal life, the movies stopped, despite the fact that there are about 5,768,934 (AKA 14) books in the series. And even though the plot line of the movies totally veered (who breaks up with Micahel for good?!), we were cool with it as long as we could get some “Love And Other Drugs” style sex scenes with her new prince. But life sucks so that didn’t happen. We were told “no more movies” and we resorted to watching superhero flicks in hopes that we would get a glimpse of our old Nicholas Devereaux.

Then, a few months ago, rumors that Disney was going to reboot the series circled. Sure, it might not have Princess Queen Mia, but it would be the same premise so we were down. A little unhappy about it, but down nevertheless.

And then, the thing we all wanted to happen, happened. Everyone was like “eff that” and might actually be giving us what we want. While Chris Pine was on board this whole time (bless), People has announced that our girl Anne Hathaway is on board now, as well as the OG director, Garry Marshall. No clue when this will actually happen, since she’s pregnant AF right now, but who cares because it’s happening.

All I can hope is that this movie gives me just as many unrealistic expectations for my postgrad years as the original ones gave me for my teenage years. Still waiting on my crown and my droll-worthy prince (on the streets and a beast in the bed). Any day, now!

[via People, Cosmopolitan]

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