Bachelorette Contestant Jordan Rodgers Is A F*ckboy According To His Ex


I publicly endorsed Bachelorette hopeful, Jordan Rodgers, in the comment section of a TSM article last night. So you know how legit my feelings are for him. What’s not to love? He’s funny, cute, sexy as hell, oh, and he happens to be from the town I go to school in. If that isn’t the stars aligning and telling me it’s meant to be, than fate just ins’t real. Seriously, this boy is a dream and half, and I am not the only one to think so. Jojo, the ~star~ of the show, gave him the first impression rose and even gave him (and only him) a little lip action.

From my extensive background in overthinking and boy-stalking, I have two hypothesizes. First, he really is just that amazing. Which I hope is true because then my lust and lack of moral thoughts surrounding him can be justified. The more probable theory, however, is that he’s a fuckboy. You know what they say, never trust the perfect guys. Jordan has the charm of a man who has done this one too many times, and seems pretty skillful in getting his target to go further than she normally would.

So, as I pondered what is really going on behind that lovable face of his, my questions were answered for me. The result? He’s a cheating asshole, at least according to his ex, Brittany Farrar. First, I was happy. Is there anything better than the scorn of an ex? Absolutely not. I personally love when dirty laundry is aired out for the public to see, especially when you get to learn secrets. But in this case, it was almost cringe-worthy. She posted this Instagram:

Which captions reads: “Riding the bench doesn’t get in the way of a relationship, but cheating does.”

Was it hilarious? Yes. Did it give her satisfaction? Probably. But was it worth it? I’m going to say no. Because at the end of the day, this just comes across as desperate and catty. It’s one thing to publicly humiliate your ex, I am behind that 100%. But when in doing so you bring to light your differences post-breakup, you need to be the one on top. And in this case, he’s already winning a nationally televised show macking down with a hot bachelorette, and Farrar is watching him while causing drama over social media. Not a good look.

Plus let’s dig into her caption a little further, shall we? She uses the hashtag “alwayswantedtobefamous.” Well homegirl, you’re not really helping with that bit. Where are all the articles surrounding the other 20+ contestants? Not written. Because they don’t have crazy ex’s attacking them via the web. If you want his 15 minutes of fame to fizzle out than you need to stop bringing attention to it. I understand that it’s probably hard to watch him romance the shit out of Jojo in front of the entire nation, but you need to remain cool and collected.

My verdict remains the same, #TeamJordan all the way. And I’m certainly not alone. So Jordan, if you somehow don’t win (which we all know you will) just know I’m open to be ridden as hard as that alledged bench was for your entire career. See you when you come back to Chico, lovahhh.

[via College Candy]

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