Badass Woman Gets Divorced, Has A Photoshoot To Celebrate Her Return To The Single World


It’s no secret that wedding pictures are annoying. I log into Facebook to witness yet another engagement on the daily. Really, Jessica? Did you really need 78 new pictures to be added to the album “My Future” to show that you got engaged to the guy that none of us really liked in the first place? Remember when the third time you guys broke up how you shit talked him and “that slut” until 2 a.m.? Yeah, don’t worry. You guys will do great at the ripe old age of 21.

Of course I plan to get married. Once I’m out of school, have financial stability and find a guy that I don’t have to justify his past mistakes with a “well I mean it was only physical, he slept with her but he’s only really loved me…” but maybe that is just because I don’t see the point of settling down if you’re not 100 percent sure it will work. Sure we always assume it will in the moment (I was convinced I was marrying my high school boyfriend someday, but then we didn’t even make it to prom), but as shitty as it is there’s a good chance it won’t always work out.

When divorce does happen, there are really only a few ways to handle it. You will either mope (which honestly is what most of us will do), some of us will see it as a chance to have their own “Eat, Pray, Love” experience, and some will handle it like a fucking badass. This is where Catherine Marie Haberkorn comes into play. Have you heard of her? She is my new hero.

Haberkorn had her heart smashed into pieces, so what did she do? She smashed a cake, with a baseball bat, and then had the whole thing caught on camera in perhaps my favorite photo shoot yet. That’s right, homegirl did a “newly divorced” shoot, and it’s as amazing as you can imagine.

Everything, everything about this is perfect. The middle finger, the sexy outfit, the “LIAR” across their picture, and finishing it off strong with the picture on fire. I love it. I aspire to be as cool as this girl. Plus tell me you wouldn’t want to party with her?

As much as I feel for her pain in the loss of a husband, I hope at least a small bit of that emptiness is filled with the tremendous amount of respect I have for her for showing that she is a fucking boss no matter what happens in her life.

[via Buzzfeed]

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