Becky With The Good Hair Has Finally Been Confirmed

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It’s been a little over three months since Beyoncé dropped Lemonade, and we’re still not over it. Which makes sense, because we probably weren’t prepared for it in the first place. Queen B focused on a plethora of different issues in the visual album, but the majority of the buzz focused on a line from “Sorry” that eluded to Jay-Z’s supposed infidelity: “He only want me when I’m not on there / He better call Becky with the good hair.”

The public exploded at the thought of Jay-Z having an affair, probably because women everywhere decided that if Beyoncé can’t keep her man faithful, then we’re all just screwed. Everyone wanted to know who Becky was, and theories ranged from Rachel Roy, to Rita Ora, to Taylor Swift. There were so many questions that everyone was dying to see answers to. But like all other high-profile scandals, the hype eventually died down, probably because the gods of celebrity gossip wanted to make way for the Kimye/TSwift mess.

But now, we finally know the identity behind Becky. The mystery alias has been revealed as…(drumroll please)… fucking nobody in particular.

Diana Gordon, the main writer behind the song, has confirmed that Becky with the good hair is no one, and that the line was never meant to accuse anyone. The writer laughed that the manhunt for the mistress was “so silly,” and confided the following incredibly anti-climactic information to Entertainment Weekly: “I was like, ‘What day in age from that lyric do you get all of this information? Is it really telling you all that much, accusing people?'”

Gordon also noted that she didn’t think Beyoncé was expecting such a strong reaction to the line, and that the whole ordeal has been amusing for them both. Well, I’m glad they had a nice laugh over everything. I haven’t been this pissed since Tidal forced me to resort to alternative illegal methods of watching the album, which definitely shot my laptop to shit. The least they could have done was falsely accuse another singer and let the drama live on.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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