Bella Hadid Posts TERRIBLE Photo Of Hailey Baldwin For Her Birthday

Bella Hadid Posts TERRIBLE Photo Of Hailey Baldwin For Her Birthday

We all have that one friend, who, no matter how hideous you look in the photo (you could be mid-sentence, mid-sneeze, or mid-puke), as long as she looks great in it, under her hands, that photo will find its way onto the internet. Bonus bitch points if she tags you in it. However, when it comes to celebrities who are constantly hounded by photographers, and people who are literally begging to take their photo, you would think that they would have enough shots of themselves to ‘gram not to have to throw their friends under the ugly bus.

However, model Bella Hadid, whose job it is to get photos of herself taken, must have thought that she looked really good in this particular shot of her and good friend Hayley Baldwin.

Happy birthday babiest princess hails 🌟🍾💕 I love you very very very very very much❤️

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There’s no doubting that Hadid looks phenomenal in this photo. For a mere mortal like me, if I were to ever get this good of a shot of myself, I would have this printed and put onto the side of my house. Hadid, however, as a model, has an Instagram full of photos of her looking this hot. Baldwin, however, has been seen in a better light. While she still looks better than I do on most of my best days, her hair is in her face, she’s looking away, and she’s posed awkwardly. Frankly, she looks like Khloé Kardashians, back in the glory days, who used to be pushed in the background of photos to make way for her sister Kim.

To make matters worse, this wasn’t just any old Instagram post. This was the post that Hadid used to wish Baldwin happy birthday. Happy Birthday Bestie — enjoy this unflattering photo of you, and all of the attention that I’m getting!

Well now we know – Bella Hadid is guilty of violating the girl code commandments: always treat your friend like the fucking princess she is on her birthday, and NEVER. POST. AN. UGLY. PHOTO. OF. YOUR. FRIEND. So if you’re ever in the situation that you are taking a picture with Hadid – watch your angles.

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