“Blorange” Is The New Hair Trend You Absolutely Shouldn’t Be A Part Of

Blorange Is The New Hair Trend You Shouldn't Try

I hate hair trends. I hate most trends, to be honest, but hair trends? They’re the worst. Let me say it louder for the people in the back.

I. Hate. Hair. Trends.

Maybe it’s because I have baby fine hair, and I’ll never be confused for someone who was once a mermaid but then suddenly sprouted legs where her tail used to be, à la Ariel. So, whatever. Maybe I’m just a hater, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that hair trends are painfully dumb. They convince everyone that turning your hair green is cool as opposed to something you’ll delete from your social media accounts in six months. But the newest to the dumb hair trend family is one of the best yet. It’s called blorange and yes, it’s as dumb as it sounds.

According to Twitter Moments, (yes, this was actually a Twitter Moment because the world has lost it):

The spring hair trend is a cross between orange and blonde, though some think it looks more like washed out rose gold.

If the name “blorange” isn’t enough to never make you want to give your hair that over Sun-Ined look, the actual color will get the job done.

If rose gold hair wasn’t bad enough, this washed out rose gold hair is even worse. Spring and summer are the times when brunettes feel the need to turn blonde and blondes feel the need to bitch about it. This weird orange offspring will set off the balance of our basic lives and ruin everyone’s fall-inspired burgundy locks in four months.

But like, at the same time, I *am* due for a coloring soon, and I do feel like blorange will get more likes than blonde. *Sigh* what’s an attention-starved girl to do?

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